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Kitoss Finland–100,000 American Teachers Roll Their Eyes

Tonight Brian Williams at NBC reported on the sterling Finnish education system. They’re tops in math and science and recruit the cream of the crop from university graduates to populate their teaching ranks. Just how are those Finns so successful? Could it … Continue reading

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Famous Teachers

Benito Mussolini and Mr. T. It’s an oddball collection, filled with the strange and gifted, but what they all have in common is that they were schoolteachers first. Here’s a list of ten who were teachers. Jon Hamm a.k.a. Don … Continue reading

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The Cost of Becoming a Teacher

The Debt Sarah spent big money to become a teacher. Just the bare bones cost of her tuition would support a middle class Bombay household for years. Despite living frugally, she’s tens of thousands of dollars in debt as she … Continue reading

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