I’m Gonna Be A Better Teacher

Somedays I wake and announce, “I’m gonna be a better babe.” It does set the tone of the day on a positive note and it pleases my mate immensely. Odd thing is, even as I forget my vow and the mini crises and labors of the day unfold, I usually do have a lighter step and I steer away from the pessimistic gloominess that is my nature.

Logically, the whole day would be hugely better if I wrote my mantra down, referred to it often and made modifications when I steered from the theme. Hmm, sounds like a lot of work for just living a day, but for making positive changes as a teacher, it seems like a good method.

So for the 2010-2011 school year: I’m gonna to be a better teacher.

This is a great start, but unlike my morning mutterings about being a better human, being a teacher requires organization and planning and so does my vow. Here are five steps I’m taking this year to improve:

Enthusiasm It is a contagious disease. I’ve got 30 or so pairs of eyes experiencing the subject matter for the first time in each class. I will focus on the sense of discovery and excitement of learning.

Preparation We all know that well planned lessons usually result in success–academic and behavioral. That being said, what about those days when you have a 47 minute lock down with your classroom filled with students who are not yours? Or, you get a wild case of the flu? I will have five emergency lesson plans in the bank, ready to go.

Attendance Students can’t learn if they’re not present and subs are hit and miss. I will aim for 100% attendance for myself and set up a monthly award for all students who have perfect attendance and no tardies.

Computer The computer is not a babysitter. I will not use the computer as a “free time” device.

Buddy Room My next-door neighbor and kitty corner colleague are lifesavers. I’ll meet with them to establish Buddy Room expectations and rules and set up a comfy place for their emissaries.

To be posted on my desk and screen saver.

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