Kitoss Finland–100,000 American Teachers Roll Their Eyes

Tonight Brian Williams at NBC reported on the sterling Finnish education system. They’re tops in math and science and recruit the cream of the crop from university graduates to populate their teaching ranks. Just how are those Finns so successful?

Could it have to do with having up to three teachers per class, supportive parents, civil students, committed government funding along with a long-term plan to make significant changes that are practical and work? Not to mention well-educated and well-trained and respected teachers? You betcha!

I could have sworn I heard 100,000 eyes rolling last night, not at poor Brian, mind you, but at the USA, a country that will not do the right thing and take the steps necessary to educate our young people. Once again we hear how to do it and once again I know our politicians and decision makers will not help make it happen.

What will be done instead is teachers will become the pincushions of the debate. We evil, lazy, tenure seeking miscreants will be blamed for a systemic problem that needs to change the right way.

So Kitoss, or thank you Finland, for showing the way. Pardon me if I’ll believe it when I see it in the good old USA.

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